Our History

The building was originally owned by Fred Armour in 1922. The theater was operated by an English immigrant, named Bert Evans, and sat 375 people. Besides the auditorium, there was also a bowling alley located in the basement, and apartment on the top floor which had 12 rooms. There was also a cream receiving station built into the building which was used by the Lehave Creameries.

In 1936, the Capitol Theater was built on the same lot as the previous theater. This building was built by the town and leased to a company called F.G. Spencer. The first movie played on November 5th, 1936, and 800 people attended. At this time the town offices were also located in the building.

In 1999, the theater was officially closed for business. In early 2000, the building was renovated into a Lounge and Grill. Now owned by John Bartlett, the building is now the Capitol Pub. He has worked hard to restore the original theater atmosphere, and is continually improving the business.

Image taken by W.H. Dill 1936-1938
Capitol Theater 1944 Image source: Macdonald Museum